Recharge.  Refresh.  Resolve.

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Recharge.  Refresh.  Resolve.


Hear God’s Word read and spoken to you. Get prayed for. Pray together. Pray for each other.


Connect with other pastors in the trenches. Share the evidences of God’s grace in your church with fellow pastors. Disclose pastoral burdens have them pray for you. Meet and make new pastor friends in our region.


The Lord Jesus called you to pastoral ministry. He has given you a gift and tells you to keep it ablaze (2 Timothy 1.6). God calls every L. A. Christian to important work in their respective vocations, but pastors are called to equip these saints for the work of ministry. It is on us to equip our church members for their gospel ministry. Resolve to be faithful in preaching and feeding the flock God’s Word. Resolve to pray for your church more faithfully. Resolve to model mature Christianity and evangelism. Resolve to oversee your members as one who will have to give an account on the final day (Hebrews 13.17). Resolve that you will lean on other brothers in the trenches and encourage them in their pastoral task. We’ll give you a few good books to help you fight the good fight.

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