BBC 9Marks Weekender in LA

9marks at Weekender BBC before after

10010 Somerset Blvd,
Bellflower, CA 90706

“The most powerful weapon in the hands of our Almighty Lord for the destruction of Satan’s dark kingdom is a healthy local church.”

– Andy Davis, First Baptist Church, Durham NC,

Revitalize, (Grand Rapids, Mich.: Baker, 2017), 16.

Dates: October 14-17


There seems like there are so many legitimate ways to live as a church. At the same time, we theologically-driven pastors and church leaders have deep convictions that the Scriptures alone stand as the final authority and guide for how all Christian churches should operate. The tension between biblical conviction and practical outworking causes confusion and second-guessing, or even worse, a stubborn resolve to just do what we think best without considering outside input!

After seminary my doctrine and practice of the church was confident yet still largely uninformed and unchallenged. Capitol Hill Baptist Church and the ministry of 9Marks challenged me to think longer on biblical truth and they gave me practical wisdom to lead a church. They help churches through their 9Marks Weekender.

We want to help you too. Right here in Los Angeles.

Our Weekender immerses church leaders and seminarians in the life of Bethany Baptist Church (BBC) over the course of a weekend. You’ll get an up-close and personal experience with our Sunday gatherings, congregational members’ meeting, focused teaching on the church, plenty of Q&A, and an elders’ (overseers/pastors’) meeting. We don’t want you to replicate all you see because (1) you have some different situational and personnel variables and (2) we’re still in process ourselves! But we do want to show you what we do and the biblical, historical, pastoral, and contextual reasoning behind it.

We hope this creates meaningful relationships with other churches while building each other up. We would love you to join us for the weekend. Bring yourselves and whatever questions you have. From leadership to worship to body life, it’s all on the table!

For healthier LA churches,
P. J. Tibayan
Pastor-Theologian, Bethany Baptist Church, Bellflower, CA


We encourage pastors and church leaders to attend because, just as every Timothy needs a Paul, so every church needs a model. “Brethren, join in following my example, and observe those who walk according to the pattern you have in us. The things you have learned and received and heard and seen in me, practice these things, and the God of peace will be with you” (Phil 3:17; 4:9). To step out of the church you serve every day and into a new context for a few days helps give you fresh perspective on familiar truths.

You may not implement or even agree with every last thing you see during your visit (you shouldn’t for situational and personnel reasons), but having this biblical model can help develop a clearer path in the way you serve and lead in your local body toward biblical consistency.

Then again, maybe you know where to go, but feel clueless about how to get there: “I know I want elders, but what do they do when they meet? I know I need to preach, but how do I go about preparing sermons week in and week out? I know the budget needs work, but I’m no accountant.” The goal of The 9Marks Weekender is to provide an environment in which leaders can observe and discuss the biblical and practical dynamics of nurturing love and holiness in a local church.


October 14-17

Begins Friday (10/14/22) at 7 pm and ends Monday (10/17/22) 9:30am.

FRIDAY, October 14
4:00pm Registration Check-In (Meet at 10010 Somerset Blvd)
5:00pm Dinner provided
5:30pm Registration Ends
5:45pm Welcome & Orientation & Introductions
7:00pm The Pastor Council (Elders’ Meeting; can go as late as midnight)

SATURDAY, October 15
8:00am Elders’ Meeting Review
9:00am Membership Considered I
12:00pm Lunch (Provided) + Church Timeline and Reform Discussion (12:30pm-2:00pm)
2:00pm Church Membership & Discipline talk
3:00pm Discipling and Counseling
4:00pm Leadership in the Church
5:00 pm Dinner (Provided)
6:00pm Congregationalism
7:00pm Church Discipline Case Studies
8:00pm On Sermon Preparation/Preaching

SUNDAY, October 16
9:00am BBC Divinity School (Membership Considered Class)
10:15am Sunday Morning Gathering
12:15pm Lunch (provided) in groups
1:45pm Brief Pastor Council (Elders’ Meeting)
3:00pm Congregational Members’ Meeting
5:00pm Sunday Evening Prayer Gathering
7:00pm Dinner (provided), Sunday Review, & Q&A

MONDAY, October 17
7:45am Raising up Leaders
8:30am Evaluation of Weekender
9:30am Depart for Airports



1. Read/Watch 9 Marks of a Healthy Church Statement and short videos (and write down questions)

2. Read What is a Healthy Church? or 9 Marks of a Healthy Church by Mark Dever (and write down questions)

3. Read Deliberate Church by Mark Dever (and write down questions)

4. Read the short article, “The Cross and Criticism” by Alfred J. Poirier.


Housing: Weekenders can drive in both days or seek accommodations at any of the near-by hotels.

Food: We provide lunches and dinners on Saturday, and Sunday.

Travel: Travel plans are left to you. As you’re making travel plans, we strongly encourage you to arrive early or at least on time Saturday, and to refrain from leaving before we end Sunday at 9pm.

Cost (and Scholarships): The cost to register for the Weekender is $50. The registration fee includes the meals listed above as well as resources. We understand some individuals may not be able to afford the full amount. If you need help covering the cost, you can ask for a scholarship in the application. Shepherd LA has limited grants for those in need. Get your questions answered by contacting

Spaces are limited to 15 guests at this time.


Bonus Reading/Listening Resources to prepare:

  1. Listen to Modern Church Reform 1 and Modern Church Reform 2 with Mark Dever
  2. Listen to Revitalizing a Dying Church, Mark Dever interviewing Andy Davis
  3. Listen to Service Preparation and Sermon Preparation Seminars
  4. Read about Service Reviews (from Practical Shepherding: purpose | process; Reasons for it from 9marks)
  5. Read these 9Marks Journals: MembershipRevitalizeChurch DisciplineConfessions, Covenants, Constitutions.
  6. Read What is a Healthy Church Member? by Thabiti Anyabwile
  7. Read A Display of God’s Glory by Mark Dever
  8. Read Word-Centered Church by Jonathan Leeman
  9. Read The Rule of Love by Jonathan Leeman
  10. Read Compelling Community by Jamie Dunlop
  11. Read Discipling by Mark Dever
  12. Read Church Membership by Jonathan Leeman
  13. Read Church Discipline by Jonathan Leeman